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  • review of Without End CD: “Vocalist Tim Storm feverishly snarls up a monumental approximation of Iggy Pop’s shriek throughout the band’s first full-length LP. Without End is a fiery musical amalgamation of The Stooges, Alice Cooper, and the Dead Boys. Behind the serrated guitar workings of Alison Victor and Doug Heeschen, Storm whines, drones, screams, and shouts on one of the best punk albums of 1992.” — Matt Carlson, All Music Guide
  • “Upon first listen I thought the Gargoyles sounded a lot like Jeff Dahl. Surprise! He produced the (’92) album Without End, but unlike Dahl, who takes the influences and runs with them to create a style all his own, the Gargoyles stand pat. This is not meant as a slight. The band is extremely engaging.” -Paul Grant from OPTION
  • “Catch the Gargoyles playing around town if you like your rock raunchy and leathery and early-punk flavored. Reminds me of the Dead Boys and their scratchy, fuzzed-out guitar works best on “CokeWhore.” -Lorry Fleming of Alternative Currents
  • on the song Lou from the Sympathy Compilation: “However, as is often the case with compilations that mine obscure veins, the most inspired moments here come from the lesser-known artists, including Monsieur Jeffrey Evans bashing out the rock classic “Shake, Rattle, and Roll,” the Shitbirds with the jangle pop of “Baby What’s New?,” and the Gargoyles’ open love letter to Lou Reed, the imaginatively titled “Lou.”