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Gargoyles, 4 song 7 inch EP, Suede Brain Operations, January, 1990. 

Runnin’ Down / The Goat single, Sympathy for the Record Industry, November, 1990, SFTRI-74

Michigan / World at War / Children of the Rev. 7-inch EP, Sympathy for the Record Industry , March, 1991, SFTRI-103

Down on You, 6 song 12 inch mini-LP, Shakin’ Street Records (U.K.), June, 1991, YEAHUP-017.

Blame and Burn, 6-band/6-song EP, Flush Records, June, 1992.

Without End, 12 song LP, 18 song CD, Sympathy for the Record Industry , August, 1992, SFTRI-140CD. See review.

Split 7 inch with the Remains (Japan), 1+2 Records, July 1994, 1+2EP-050. Available from Get Hip Records.

Gargoyles ’89, re-issue of 1st EP, Knock Out Records (Germany), July 1994.

Inflexible , 8 song CD, 1+2 Records (Japan), August 1994, 1+2CD-046. Available from Get Hip Records.

Infinite Summer of Love, cover of “Sweet Young Thing” by the Chocolate Watchband”, Taxim Records, (Germany), August 1994. Available in the US from No Guru Records and in Europe from Taxim Records.

Coke Whore, on Fistful of Rock’n’Roll vol. 9, Devil Doll Records, 2002

Lou, on Their Sympathetic Majesties Request vol I, SFTRI’s 10th Anniverary Compilation, 1998. Available on Amazon. See review.

Street Empathy, Tim Storm, Compilation of songs from all Tim’s Bands: Gargoyles, Reclusives, ond the Whyos, on Myrmecoleo Records, Japan. Available from Interpunk, 2002.

Lou, in the soundtrack for the documentary film The Treasures of Long Gone John, 2006. (watch trailer)

5 Million Years to Earth / Roundtop Rock, Split Single with The Dummies,  Ken Rock Records, Sweden, 2021 (see review)

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